Renée de la Torre Castellanos She holds a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from the ciesas and the University of Guadalajara. Member of the sni level iiiand the National Academy of Science. She is a professor-researcher at the ciesas Occidente, in Guadalajara, Mexico. She is co-founder of the Network of Researchers of the Religious Phenomenon in Mexico (rifrem). During his research career he has dedicated himself to the study of religious diversity in Mexico; to the study of new religious movements; to the emergence of alternative spiritualities such as the new age and neo-Mexicanity and, more recently, has researched on the dynamics of transnationalization of Aztec ritual dances and popular religiosity. He has presented more than a dozen exhibitions of ethnographic photography. Among his most recent publications is the book Latin American variations of the new age. Mexico: ciesas, 2013 (translated into English New Age in Latin America. Popular Variations and Ethnicity Appropriations., Brill, 2016). She is author of "Ultra-baroque Catholicism: Multiplied Images and Decentered Religious Symbols", S.ocial Compass (2016); and co-author of the following articles, "Routes et sens postcoloniaux de la transnationalisation religieuse", Tiers Monde (2016); "Religious Studies in Latin America, Annual Review of Sociology (2016); "The temazcal: a pre-Hispanic ritual transculturalized by alternative spiritual networks", Social Sciences and Religion (2016) and "Religion and Rescaling: How Santo Toribio Put Santa Ana on the Global Religious Map." Current Sociology (2016). Orcid: