Peer review process

Once the original document is received, it will undergo: 1) a plagiarism detection program; 2) a pertinence reading by one of the members of the Editorial Coordination Team; 3) a double-blind opinion. It will be sent to two reviewers, preferably specialists external to the publishing institutions, guaranteeing confidentiality and anonymity to be governed under the procedure known as double blind. In case of controversy between the two opinions, a third evaluation will be requested. The Editorial Team will ultimately decide on its publication or rejection. Authors will be informed of the results of the review within a period of less than six months. If an article is not accepted, the author will be informed of the reasons for this decision.

The result of each of the evaluations can be: 1) rejected; 2) accepted subject to major changes; 3) accepted subject to minor changes; 4) accepted without changes.

Upon approval of the article, the author must sign a letter of assignment of proprietary rights over his/her work in which he/she authorizes Encartes to disseminate it electronically.

Articles will be published within one year of acceptance of the text.