Carlos Yuri Flores Arenales Doctor from Granada Center for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester, England. He is a professor-researcher at the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos. His central research topics are visual anthropology, political violence and community reconstruction processes and access to justice in the Mayan region. His main publications include the following books, co-authored with Rachel Sieder: Dos Justicias: interlegal and intercultural coordination in Guatemala (2012); Authority, autonomy and indigenous law in postwar Guatemala (2011). The articles in periodical publications "Mayan law and community video: experiences of collaborative anthropology" in Icons (2012); "Reflexions of an Ethnographic Filmaker-Maker: An Interview with Paul Henley, Director of the Granada Center for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester", in American Anthropologist (2009); "Visual anthropology. Distance or closeness with the anthropological subject?", In New Anthropology (2007). And the book chapter "Sharing Anthropology: Collaborative Video Experience among Maya Film-makers in Post-war Guatemala" in Visual Interventions: Applied Visual Anthropology (Sarah Pink ed.), (2007). Also among his works include ethnographic documentaries Two Justices (Guatemala, 38 min. 2012); K'ixba'l (Shame) (Guatemala 37 min. 2010); with Mainor Pacay, Rub'el Kurus (Under the Cross) co-production sponsored by the European Foundation for Human Rights, the Association of Friends of Development and Peace, and Ak'Kutan: “Bartolomé de las Casas” Center, Cobán, Guatemala (1997). The latter deserved the first prize in the Second Icaro Festival for video creation, in the non-professional category. Antigua Guatemala (September 1999); as well as second place in the Indigenous Category in the Millennium Hispanic-American Meeting of Independent Video Documentary. Mexico City (June 2000).

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