Caroline Perrée Doctor in Art History, from Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, under the direction of Philippe Dagen (2007). Researcher at the Center for Mexican and Central American Studies in Mexico City. The central themes of his research are: art history and anthropology of the image: votive offerings and practices in popular devotion; the votive offering, the votive object in popular faith and contemporary art; development of urban religious practices: Santa Muerte; contemporary art in Mexico; interaction between artisan practices and artistic practices: ties and reciprocal influences. His publications include the following in collective books: "Iconography of Santa Muerte: anthropology of an open image", in Ethnographies of Death: Panoramas of a Popular Devotion. (in editorial process); "Contemporary creation and popular culture, the migrant work of Betsabeé Romero", in Jumping borders, local Mexican creations and globalization (2012). Articles: “Mexico, from San Judas to Santa Muerte. Logiques votives et rituels transversaux en milieu urbain ”, in L'homme (2014); “Au Mexique, la mort suinte dans l'art. Teresa Margolles: quand l'oeuvre saigne ”, Revue Amerika (2013 online).

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