Alexander Grimson Doctor in Anthropology from the University of Brasilia, some of his outstanding publications are: Global conflicts, local voices. Mobilization and activism in a transnational key (2007); National passions. Politics and culture in Brazil and Argentina (compiler, 2007); Culture and neoliberalism (compiler, 2007); Regional migrations to Argentina. Difference, inequality and rights (2006); Argentina and the Southern Cone. Neoliberalism and national imaginations (Grimson, Alejandro and Gabriel Kessler, 2005); "Cultures are more hybrid than identifications", in Anthropological Yearbook (2008); "The Making of New Urban Borders: Neoliberalism and Protest in Buenos Aires" in Antipode. Journal of Radical Geography (2008); “Diversity and culture. Reification and situationality ”, in Tabula Rasa. Journal of Humanities (2008); "Ethnicity and class in popular neighborhoods of Buenos Aires", in Latin American migration studies (2007); “Cultures are more Hybrid than Identifications. A Dialogue on Borders from the Southern Cone ”, in Journal of Latino Studies (2006); “Some dimensions of transnational mobilization. Its history and its importance in the local context ”, in Global conflicts (2006); “Presentation: the 'culture' question”, in Contemporary ethnographies (2005); "Ethnic In (Visibility) in Neoliberal Argentina", in NACLA Reports on the Americas (2005); "Hegemony, culture and nation", in Rio de Janeiro Magazine (2005).

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