Cornelia eckert Doctor in Social Anthropology from the Sorbonne, Paris V (1992). She is a CNPQ professor-researcher at the Department of Anthropology and PPGAS IFCH Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Central themes of his research Visual and Image Anthropology, Urban Anthropology. His following publications stand out: Memory and work: ethnography of the duration of a community of Mineiros de Carvão (2012); Ethnographies of work, narratives of time (2015); A preeminência of imagem e do imaginário nos jogos gives collective memory in ethnographic collections (2015); Anthropology of the city, interpretations of the forms of urban life (2013); Etnografia da Duração: Anthropologies of Collective Memories in Ethnographic Collections (2013); "Anthropology in other languages: Considerations for a hypertextual ethnography". Brazilian Journal of Social Sciences (2016, online). "Street art, urban aesthetics: story of a sensitive experience in a contemporary metropolis". Journal of Social Sciences (2016).

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