Jose Manuel Valenzuela Doctor in Social Sciences from the Colegio de México, he is currently a professor-researcher in the Department of Cultural Studies at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte. The central areas of research: Culture and identity, cultural borders, social movements, youth cultures, urban sociology and popular culture. His most recent publications are: The system is anti-us. Youth cultures, movements and resistance (2015); Juvenicide, Ayotzinapa and precarious lives in Latin America and Spain (2015); Cross-borders. Frontiers of the world and cultural processes (2014); Youth Troops. Cross-border cultures and identities (coordinator, 2014); Welcome friends to Tijuana. Graffiti on the border (2012); “Tijuana makes me happy. Pastiches, palimpsests and cultural sampling ”in Voices of Mexico (2013); "Narcoculture, violence and socio-anthropological sciences" in Contempt (2012); "Narco (Corridos), melodrama and popular culture" in Versants (2010); "Corrido / Narcotrafic" in Sons of the Mediterranean (2008); "Cultural studies and the challenges of globalization" in Latin American Studies Association (2006).