Alan knight He is Professor of Latin American History at the University of Oxford, England. Before that, he was Professor of History at the University of Texas at Austin. His work is oriented to the study of the modern history of Latin America, especially of Mexico. He is interested in: peasant movements, social revolutions, populism, caciquismo, and imperialism (in the Americas). Among his books are: The Mexican Revolution (2 volumes 1986); US-Mexican Relations (1987); México, From the Begining to the Spanish Conquest and Mexico: The Colonial Era (2 volumes 2002); Y Revolution, Democracy and Populism in Latin America (2005). He has coordinated books on the oil industry in Mexico, Mexican caciquismo, and superstition in history. He is currently preparing a third volume of a general history of Mexico (from independence to the present) and investigating the history of Mexico in the 1930s.