Manuela Camus Bergareche She has a doctorate in social anthropology from the Center for Research and Social Studies in Social Anthropology of Guadalajara, Mexico. She is currently a research professor at the Centro de Estudios Sociourbanos of the University of Guadalajara. He has collaborated for years with FM4 Paso Libre, an organization that runs a Shelter and a Center for Attention to Migrants in Transit and Refugees in Guadalajara. He has published with Santiago Bastos the books, Between the mecapal and the sky. Development of the Mayan movement in Guatemala (2003); with Julián López and Santiago Bastos, Dinosaur reloaded. Current violence in Guatemala " (2015). Solo has, Being indigenous in the capital city (2002), The Primero de Julio colony and the 'emerging middle class' (2005), “The little surprise from the North. Community and international migration in Huehuetenango " (2008) and "Living in the preserve: closed subdivisions, women and coloniality" (2015). His latest articles are "Borders, community and violence", Contempt, 2012; "Preserve women in Guadalajara, Jalisco", Amerika. Mémoires, identités, territoires, 2013; "The political action of the widows of pilots in Guatemala City", in the European Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, 2014; "Women and coloniality in the luxury condominiums of Guatemala City", Central American Studies Yearbook, 2015; “Conditions of the forced displacement of women in Mesoamerica” with Bernadette Eguía in Window, 2018. And, collectively, the FM4 Paso Libre reports "Travesías migratorias. Testimonies of life around migration and solidarity" and "No place in the world. Forced displacement of women through Guadalajara", both in 2017. Orcid: