Photo contest: The use of the bandanna as an identifier of causes and mobilizations worldwide.

Since 2018, from the so-called green tide and the struggle for the decriminalization of voluntary abortion in Latin America, as well as its counterpart by organized movements with religious roots in defense of "two lives", various symbols emerged that have circulated around the world in the form of scarves: the purple one that alludes to feminism, the orange one in defense of the secular state, the light blue one in defense of two lives and the green one in favor of legal abortion.

In response to international and localized calls from different positions, these portable objects have become insignia that define to a large extent the struggles and the defense of rights, as well as personal, collective and political positions that find in the public space a space of manifestation.

We therefore call on researchers, activists and the general public to send visual records of the presence of this symbol of the time in order to create a gallery to be published in the virtual version of issue 5 volume 3 of the magazine. Encartes.

Photos should be sent with full name and contact information to

The deadline for submission is February 21, 2020 and the winners will be notified on February 29, 2020.

We count on your participation!