5th Encartes Hybrid Identities Photography Contest: alternative and disruptive identity aesthetics



Technologies, transnational migration, mass tourism, trade and mediatized communication have generated intense cultural flows that we call global. From them derives the circulation of cultural goods that, in addition to deterritorializing and reterritorializing traditions, generate exchanges that engender novel hybridizations. Some of them are the result of mixtures of elements from cultures that were previously distant and alien. There are different hybrid cultural products represented in "in-between-medium", ambivalent identity aesthetics. Homi Bhabha recognizes as hybrid that (object or subject) which arises from the exchange between two traditions and which generates something different (which is neither one thing nor the other). The products Hybrids are then those that arise from the fusion of two or more aesthetic referents and that make explicit the presence of both referents as allusive components.

Encartes invites you to participate in the photographic contest with images that capture objects, subjects, places, landscapes, rituals recreated by the aesthetics of hybridization. We are interested in receiving images that show features that generate hard, unusual, antagonistic, paradoxical or ambivalent mixtures. Hybrid products show creativity for alternative identities, such as the body marks of youth cultures, recreations of products generated by diasporic strategies of relocation, emblems of ambivalent national, religious or ethnic identities, objects of worship that transgress religious or spiritual traditions, fusion in food, costumes, regional dance choreographies, architecture, crafts, the redesign of transgender bodies, and so on.

The purpose of this contest is to show, through photographs, the processes of aesthetic creativity that generate new identities. hybridsthrough various stylistic interventions. Therefore, we invite visual artists, filmmakers, researchers, communities, collectives, students of social sciences and humanities, to send photographs that capture and transmit the theme in question. We require that your photos be accompanied by a descriptive title, and that you send the caption data, as well as a short text explaining the meaning hybrid manifested in that object or subject.

The selection of the best photographs will be part of the gallery that will accompany the virtual version of issue 1.2, volume 6 of the Encartes magazine to be published in September 2023.

Characteristics for shipments:

  • Photographs must be self-taken.

  • Have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

  • Include a descriptive title

  • A small contextual and explanatory text of maximum two lines.

  • Caption: name of the author, place and date where the photograph was taken.

  • Contact information.

Photos and additional data will be sent to the mail: encartesantropologicos@ciesas.edu.mx. The deadline for submission is August 21, 2023 and the photographs selected to be published in issue no. 12 The magazine will be announced on August 29, 2023.

We look forward to your participation!